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SMS Phone Leads 2.0Software

We are an online text-message sending software that aims to help you improve connection with your leads and customers

Main Features of SMS Phone Leads Software

Wide range of options for the implementation of any marketing task


Send Messages On Time, Everytime!

Mass SMS messaging starts at a specified date and time. This is very useful if the recipient is located in a different time zone. Also, you can use the scheduler to send a reminder of a particular event, or pre-compose and send greetings.

Personalize Communication

  • Send both individual and bulk SMS message campaigns that looks as personal as a dialog between friends
  • Address your clients by name to increase their loyalty
  • Dynamic alphanumeric sender’s ID name
  • Send SMS online in parts over a specified interval of time
  • Send individual promocodes

Analyze Delivery Reports

Statistics provide a thorough report on the delivery of mass SMS messaging, with details of the status of delivery, time, cost, and number of parts. You can send bulk SMS online and monitor their efficiency on a real-time basis


The software has the ability to integrate your website and SMS service. This feature allows you to send SMS automatically according to a user's actions. Furthermore, you can use our service not only on the Web but also on your PC.
Stay in Touch

The Returning Customer Has Higher Value

Create Any Scenario for Automatic Sending of Individual Messages or Bulk SMS
Greetings for New Buyers
Say thank you to new clients or give a discount to increase their loyalty and trust
Bonuses by Program Loyalty
Implement a loyalty program and send notifications to clients to motivate them to buy more
Personal Discounts
Show clients their importance and send a personalized proposition to make them trust you
Promotions and News
Notify users about news and discounts to increase sales and clients involvement
Transactional Messages
Make the user experience easier by sending automated messages with info that customer needs

Why SMS Phone Leads Software is the Best Solution

SMS Sending
Send both individual and bulk SMS messages, from online service or via API
Refer to customer by name, segment lists, send personal coupons and offers
Worlwide Delivery
Send SMS online all over the world with more than 200 countries and 900 operators
Integration of bulk text messaging into your own web projects
Delivery Reports
Monitor the efficiency of your campaigns on a real-time basis.
Support 24\7
Our colleagues from the care department are ready to help you around the clock
Link to Unsubscribe
Phones of those who have unsubscribed are put into the «Exceptions» list
Dynamic Sender’s Name
While sending messages, you can specify any number or letter name as the sender
Multiple Gateway Support
This possibility provides with bulk sending and the purpose of two-way contact between the company and customers

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service benefits

SMS Messaging for Business

Crediting funds around the clock
Convenient Personal Account
Ready integrations with CRM and CMS
Technical Support 24/7
Low Price, VAT Included
No Monthly Fee
Newsletter all over the World
Any Volumes Without Delay
Ready integrations with CRM and CMS
Electronic Documentation
Personal Manager
Reserve Channels
Ready integrations with CRM and CMS
API Console
Test Messages

Why SMS Phone Leads Software?

I had tried a few different mass sms services before i found SMS Phone Leads 2.0, i found the software incredibly easy to use, it worked perfectly and got the job done quickly at a great price compared to others i tried, so i would definitely recommend this service
Khloe Smith
Perfect service! I work with the software for WHMC. Thank you!!!!
Steven Rogers
Marketing Specialist
Very convenient service for bulk sms sending. There is no need for the cell phone – thаt is important to me. Great product!
Vlasova Svetlana
Digital marketer
And Get 100 Credits For $1 To Test The Software

How to Send Bulk SMS for marketing in 4 Steps

Register a New Account.
Upload recipients phone #s or enter them manually.
Choose the type of the message you want to send, then create
Click “Send,” and its done! All of your recipients will get your information.
Check Delivery Statistics in your Dashboard.
When you send bulk SMS online, each message must contain a link to unsubscribe from the mailing, forwarding the recipient to unsubscribe page with his phone number, which will be added to the "Exceptions" list.
viber bulk message senderAnd Get 100 Credits For $1 To Test The Software

Why you Should use SMS Phone Leads Software for your Business

Today there are many ways of advertising available for your business, including SMS marketing. Not every mass messaging service brings the same result though, in fact most perform and have completely different functions in which bulk messaging is the main, but not the only tool. These bulk SMS messaging tools and other top-notch solutions provide numerous advantages to effectively send SMS to customers.

SMS Phone Leads' Marketing Software is a very powerful, flexible and user friendly bulk sms marketing application specifically designed and developed for marketers & affiliates in order to get more conversions and leads from their potential customers.

The service is perfect for large SMS marketing & international messaging campaigns too with no problems. The sending process couldn't be simpler with a nice design, convenient arrangement of buttons, ease of use - all this will allow you to quickly navigate and get started immediatley.

SMS marketing is a great way to send messages faster; your audience reads the information within seconds after receiving it even while on the go, without an internet connection or access to their PCs.

In comparison with other types of advertising, text-messaging services that offer bulk messaging for business save both your time and money. It is one of the leaders among other marketing services and has better delivery rates than many any other B2C methods available.

Besides, our 7-day FREE trial. It should be noted that the number of messages available for bulk sends out never is limited for a free trial. In addition, the functionality of the free version is the same.

How to Start your SMS Campaign

This program is perfect for marketers, affiliates, coaches & influencers

viber bulk message senderAnd Get 100 Credits For $1 To Test The Software
Experiencing Technical Issues?
Contact our customer support to quickly resolve issues as well as experience excellent customer service.


What kind of SMS can I send with the SMS Phone Leads Software?
It's possible to send Promotional, Transactional messages for confirming registrations on your website, Autoresponder, Quiz,Trivia, Virals, Contests, Appointment texts, you also have webforms & a Scheduler All included with EVERY plan.
Is it possible to integrate this service with my project?
Yes, it is. You can easily integrate SMS Phone Leads Software with your project using our API. If you face any difficulties doing this just contact our technical support at any time of day or night.
Are there any limitations on the size of SMS?
The limit is standard — 160 symbols for one SMS. You can send a longer message, but it will be tariffed as two texts.