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Step 1: Create Your SMS Phone Leads Account Now

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What's The SMS Product?

You'll get your own virtual (SMS) mobile number
with "Instant Auto Text Reply" enabled.

Here's the basics, of what that means and how your mobile number can help you gain new leads and make more sales:

Benefit #1: Instant Auto Text Message Reply

Dial or text your sms mobile number and instantly receive an automated text message reply thus furthering the conversation to a location your prospects are comfortable with, i.e., text messaging. You can use this auto reply feature to your benefit by sending a link to an opt-in page, a webinar registration or a blog post.

Benefit #2: 24 Hour Voice Mail Prospecting System

Want to prospect more people in less time? Turn your sms mobile number into a 24 hour prospecting machine by setting up mailboxes that deliver more information automatically. If a prospect wants to learn more, they can leave you a message or dial you directly.

Benefit #3: 1-Click Call Back For Voicemail Messages

You'll get alerted instantly via text message for any voice mail messages received. You can choose to listen to the voicemail from your text message mail-box as the audio is embedded for quick play back. Or you can 1 click the number the message came from and call it back.

Benefit #4: Promote whatever you want

Brick-n-mortar business, MLM, Direct Sales, small business owner, etc... any business that requires a consistent flow of new leads, can promote using our sms mobile number.

Benefit #5: Easy set up... average set up time is less than 15 minutes

You can set up a sms mobile number from any PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. So long as you have a wi-fi connection, you're good to go. In fact, we even provide to you free Mp3 recording tools that you can use to record your marketing messages.

Benefit #6: You can use this offline or online... doesn't matter!

Postcards, magazine ads, newspaper ads, email follow ups, voice broadcasting, ringless voice drops, websites, etc... are
just some of the more popular places our customers are promoting their sms mobile numbers to attract and collect new leads 24/7.

Benefit #7: Pre-qualify your prospects so they're not wasting your time!

Imagine you did a voice broadcast or ringless voice drop to 1,000 prospects on a Tuesday afternoon. The C.T.A. (Call To Action) is to call your personal cell phone for a "free" 1:1 consultation. Now, take a wild GUESS as to what will happen if you did this?

You'd get every 'Tom, Dick and Harry' blowing up your phone, asking you every possible question under the sun about who you are, what's this about, what company are you with, how much does it cost, is this a job, etc...?

It'd be a complete NIGHTMARE!

You and I both know it would be! Well, the SOLUTION is to put automated information between YOU and your PROSPECT. So lets do the same voice broadcast or ringless voice drop to 1,000 prospects on a Tuesday afternoon but this time around, you use your (NEW) sms mobile number as a "buffer" between YOU and the PROSPECT. In other words, they have to go through your phone marketing system BEFORE they can get a chance to talk to you.

Now you're using a SYSTEM. Now you're leveraging automation + technology to 'sift-n-sort' the prospects quickly, leaving you to connect with the most pre-qualified and ready to buy customers your marketing can deliver.


Instant $20 Payments

A lot of affiliate programs make you wait 30-45 days (if not longer) for your money. Not here. Our system will (INSTANTLY) send you $20 for each and every buyer collected.

Here's how this works, in 3 simple steps...

Step 1: Sign Up

Once inside SMS Phone Leads, you'll want to sign up for a (FREE) Stripe account. If you have an existing Stripe account, you can use it. Otherwise, you'll need to sign up for an account, which takes about 20 minutes to activate.

Step 2: Collect

Each sale our system tracks and completes for you, you collect 100% of the $20 payment. Which means if Bob buys from you, you get the $20, paid directly to you, even if it's 4 AM.

Step 3: Get Paid

Your money typically shows up inside of 2 business days from Stripe, automatically. There are no configurations, installs or downloads required.

The Money Flows To You Like This...

You can earn your first affiliate commission in as little as 2 hours of signing up!

(We'll show you how this can be done!)

Step 1: Create Your SMS Phone Leads Account Now


How About Some Bonuses?

Join Now And Instantly Qualify For The Following (5) Fast Action Bonuses...

Bonus #1: 100 Text Message Credits

We'll give you 100 text credits so you can set up and configure your new SMS virtual number without spending a dime of your own money. When you're ready, you can add more credits to your account for as little as .0095 cents per message! Now that's some cheap (EFFECTIVE) marketing!

Bonus #2: {New Report} - How A Group Of Underground Marketers Are Leveraging The PHONE To Make $80,000 + Per Month From High Ticket Sales, All While "Goofing" Off! (Trust me, this report is worth 10 X the price of entry by itself!)

Bonus #3: Custom "Bridge Page" That Connects You To Your Prospects

No need to pay someone a couple hundred dollars to make you a bridge page. We'll give you one for free, inside of SMS Phone Leads. It's a page that you can customize with your own story based video, social media channels and even allows your prospects 1-click access to you via Facebook Messenger.

What IS a Bridge Page, You Ask?

It's simply a page that's "sandwiched" between your lead capture page and your primary programs info page.

For example, take a quick look at the flow chart below:

First, you collect the opt-in, which 9 times out of 10 will be a 'cold lead', ie., someone (NOT) familiar with you or what you represent. So instead of immediately going into full-on presentation mode, which isn't good for you or your prospect, you create a buffer where the prospect can learn more about YOU in a safe space. The reason this is important nowadays is because your prospect is more interested in you, your story and why you choose to align with your primary program, even more so than his or hers interest in the biz opp itself.

Having this bridge page in place allows you to connect with your prospects and helps you position + pre-qualify + pre-sell, all at the same time.

Bonus #4: Exclusive "Behind The Scenes" Peek At A Conversation I Had With A SMS Phone Leads Customer Who Sent 400 Texts For $3.80, Got 200 Clicks And Collected 10 New Opt-Ins For A Per Lead Cost Of Only .38 Cents!

{NEW} Bonus #5: New $297 Press 1 System Revealed + Training Included

Seriously? Why spend $297 elsewhere on someone elses "Press 1" website when you can get the same thing right here for a fraction of the money!


  • Prospects call your (SMS) Auto-Text Phone Number
  • They hear a short introductory greeting (usually 1 minute)
  • The sytem sends them a link to get more info (24/7)

(Includes full training on this from inside your SMSPL account!)


Step 1: Create Your SMS Phone Leads Account Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the virtual sms phone number difficult to set up?

A: No! Not at all. Everything is laid out, in a step by step format. Average set up time from start to finish is about 15-20 minutes. If you need help, we do offer email as well as phone support.

Q: I heard that you need credits? Can you explain that?

A: Yes, absolutely! Every text messaging product, be it ours or anyones for that matters, runs off credits. Think of text message credits as the "FUEL", ie., like a car engine needs gasoline. With gas, your engine will run. Without gas, the engine will shut off. Same concept applies with your virtual mobile number.

Now, don't get freaked out over any of that stuff, As that's all normal and it's (NOT) expensive at all. In fact, we've priced our text messaging credits to be very competitively priced, as low as .0095 per credit. For example, 1 text message = 1 credit. 1000 credits = $9.50.

Q: Is SMS Phone Leads available to users (OUTSIDE) the U.S.?

A: Yes, we have many international friends using and leveraging the SMS Phone Lead platform.

Q: Can I get additional sms phone numbers?

A: Yes, you can. They are $3/mo per number. Each number can be set up to run different campaigns. So for example, say you have 2 sms phone numbers. You can run 2 different numbers on 2 different campaigns. This way you can see where the leads (prospects) are coming in from.

SMS Number #1: Use it on a postcard campaign
SMS Number #2: Use it with ringless voice drops

Q: Why can't I just 800link?

A: You can! No one is stopping you. The main difference between us and 800link is that they charge a monthly fee and they don't have auto text message enabled. Nor do they give you a customizable bridge page that promotes you.

Q: I'm interested in the ringless voice drops? Where can I get more info?

A: Inside your SMS Phone Leads account, there is a detailed training on how to maximize lead flow leveraging RVM (ringless voice mail).

Q: Is there an affiliate program for SMS Phone Leads?

A: Yes! You can collect 100% of the commission ($20 + optional order bump @ $10) via Stripe.

Q: What exactly am I getting for my $20 one time?

A: Sms Phone Leads gives you your own 24 hr (VIRTUAL) mobile number with instant auto text reply that you can use to advertise any program, system, product, service or opportunity. This is a powerful marketing tool used by newbies and top earners, alike!

Q: Do I need any technical skills?

A: The quick and direct answer is NO! You do (NOT) any technical skills. If you can copy-n-paste, then you can set up your mobile number within minutes.

Q: Are there any monthly fees?

A: There are (NO) monthly fees. The $20 is one time.

Q: I see you offer a sms blaster. Can you provide more details please?

A: Yes, an an upsell item inside the SMS Phone Leads funnel, there is the option for a $33/mo sms blaster. That account includes the leads (business opportunity only) as well as the ability to do 200 per day. We offer larger sms accounts as well, upon request, butonly to existing customers.

So your first step would be to make your $20 purchase today by clicking the link below...

Step 1: Create Your SMS Phone Leads Account Now