The Easiest "List Building System" For Only $20

Here's A Sample Of What's Included Today

2 High Converting List Building Systems That Collect Name, Email And Cell, Each With Auto Text And Auto Call Included!

Check this out

List Building System #1: Promote Any 'Make Money" Offer

List Building System #2: Crypto

Each List Building System Includes:

(1) Proven Opt-In Page (1) Book Lead Magnet
(1) Confirmation Page

Giving you the power too

  • Promote Any Program / System / Opportunity You Want
  • Collect Your Own Leads, ie., Build Your Own List
  • Establish Credibility And Authority, Instantly

Plus, you'll have the option to activate 2 advanced features

  • Auto Call - Call your lead, immediately after opt-in
  • Auto Text - Send a text message to your lead, immediately after opt-in

See For Yourself, What I'm Talking About:

Want to DEMO the pages yourself, right now, even at 3 AM?

Go to:
(You will not be added to any list as this is a DEMO only!)

It's all about leveraging a system, that leverages automations (such as the auto call and auto text) that help make your life simpler, more efficient.

That, plus, it gives you a big advantage over everyone else, especially if you're in a competitive niche like biz opp / make money, where a hot program can have 1000s of resellers / affiliates promoting it.

You need to find a way, some way, any way, to stand out from the noisy crowd. This here, will give you that and then some.


Activation Takes 5 Minutes...

Step 1: Connect your autoresponder,
Aweber or Getresponse...

Step 2: Create Auto Call And Auto Text

The auto call and auto text are optional. However I highly suggest our customers use them to their advantage. They act as powerful "Icebreakers", often triggering a response from a prospect.

Your List Building System Will Be Working For You, Long After You've Quit For The Day!

Go ahead, you can say it.


Yeah, we think so too!

Which is why we're still here (5) years later and most of our competitors have evaporated into virtual dust!

But hey, lets move on, shall we!

In addition to the above, you're gonna get a

Automated SMS Phone System!

This here, is really, really slick!

You're going to get your own private SMS enabled # so that you can promote any offer, system or program you want!

  • Use any recorded message you want!
  • Set up any Promo Code you want!
  • Promote ANY System you want!
  • Share your SMS number and get paid!

And you're not going to get just (1) Phone System but (2) Phone Systems

To launch your new "Inbound Lead System" effectively, we'll give you:

SMS CUSTOM is a fully customizable 24/7 SMS # that can deliver your pre-recorded audio message instantly, as well as, fire back a text message to the caller.

In addition, you'll also get SMS AUTO:

This little gem auto captures 1st name, email and cell # of your inbound lead.

There's Power In Handing Out A Phone Number

Your time is valuable. The last thing you want to do is waste it on someone who's unqualified to buy and/or uninterested in what you have to offer.

So why not hand them a simple task such as calling a number to get more info. If they can't do that, then well...

Who wants to sell? Like, seriously?

I'd much rather spend my day, prequalifying folks, so that I spent my time talking too folks who a genuine interest in my products and services, etc. v/s cold calling strangers or DMing strangers on "The Book Of Faces" for 10-12 hours a day.

Let the phone number sift and sort for you so you're not sucked into an endless pit of conversations that lead to talking about the weather!

One of the worst things that can happen to you is that the person can't follow instructions.

It's a huge 'pet peeve' for a lot of folks, so wouldn't it be great if you can find out in advance, if a person was willing and able to follow your set of instructions?

A phone number dates back 100s of years. It's what people are used too. So why not give them more a personal "human" experience when they choose to intereact with you?

They'll be able to interact with you, hear your voice, tone and specific call to actions.

Engage with customers and prospects where they're already comfortable being... on their PHONES!

Did you know the average 'screen time' per day, across most demographics, is 3 hours and 43 minutes! Your future customers are on their phone. Should you be there too?


If you were to go a freelance website such as Upwork or Fiverr, to hire a programmer / developer to code a new SMS system out for you, such as the opt-in funnel with the auto call and auto text functionality (as shown above), you'd be paying at least $1,000 - $1,500 for just (1) of the funnels.

Not too mention the additional expenses for a copywriter and a graphic designer.

So tack on another $600 or so and now you're looking at closer to $2,000 or more to get just (1) system created.

And as if that wasn't challenging enough...

Toss in the fact that finding a qualified (HONEST) programmer / developer, one that won't rip you off or waste your time, is like finding a 'needle in a haystack'.

Now, you can go through all of the pain, frustration and aggravation of building something all on your own and eat up the next 4-8 weeks (OR) you can simply plug into what's already been built and is working right now, for a fraction of the cost.


I know it's a shock to hear that the price is only $20, given the outrageous fortune you'll be receiving.

But SMS PHONE LEADS is for real, and is far from being a gimmick, scam or con.

And I'll tell you why...


SMS Phone Leads is only $20 because it's a 'low ticket', front end offer that we use to collect new customers.

You win, because you're literally getting access to $1,000s of dollars of marketing software for $20.

Software that you can use to build your own lists, promote any program you want and make a fortune from.

We win, because if you have a great experience here with us, then you might be open to working with us on other projects down the road.


Absolutely you can!

In fact, you can make more than $20.

Welcome To The Instant
SMS Cash Funnel!

A lot of affiliate programs make you wait 30-45 days (if not longer) for your money. Not here. Our system will (INSTANTLY) send you $20 for each and every buyer our system collects on your behalf.

Here's how this works, in 3 simple steps...

Step 1: Sign Up

Once inside SMS Phone Leads, you'll want to sign up for a (FREE) Stripe account. If you have an existing Stripe account, you can use it. Otherwise, you'll need to sign up for an account, which takes about 20 minutes to activate.

Step 2: Collect

Each sale our system tracks and completes for you, you collect 100% of the $20 payment. Which means if Bob buys from you, you get the $20, paid directly to you, even if it's 4 AM.

Step 3: Get Paid

Your money typically shows up inside of 2 business days from Stripe, automatically. There are no configurations, installs or downloads required.

Here's How The Money Will Flow To You...

You can earn your 1st commission within as little as 1 hour after signing up!
(We'll show you how this can be done, from inside the SMS Training Vault!)

Pretty powerful, right?

I mean, seriously, you can create some really nice extra income simply by referring folks to your link for SMS PHONE LEADS. Plus, get this, I'll show, on the inside, how we're getting sales from Instagram, all day, everyday, using a simple $20 DM Funnel!

Alright, so lets do a quick re-cap of everything you're gonna get today:

Here's EVERYTHING You're Going To Get Access To From Inside SMS PHONE LEADS For Only $20 One Time!

List Building System #1:
Promote Any "Make Money" Offer

List Building System #2: Crypto


You get this upgrade included for FREE!

Phone Funnel System #1: SMS CUSTOM

Phone Funnel System #1: SMS AUTO

+ Collect UNLIMITED $20 Instant Commissions


BONUS #1: New $20 Sizzle System

This is a new automated sizzle call that will promote SMS PHONE LEADS for you, so you don't have to sell the system to anyone!

The best way for anyone to sell themselves on a new tool is to allow them to experience it for themselves.

After they do, they'll be just as wowed and amazed as you are, and when they order from your link (that's sent to them automatically via text message), you'll collect $20 instantly. And the best part, is that this system comes pre-installed on your SMS # upon activation and will be made available to you immediately! So you can be out sharing your new $20 sizzle call in just minutes from now. Includes MP3 and Auto Text.


Here's just a snippet of what's inside the Vault:

  • The best way to sell SMS Phone Leads with the least amount of resistance is by _________!
  • The money you make from referring others to SMSPL may (NOT) buy you a Lamborghini, but it can cover your ___________ expenses and make everything _________ __________ .
  • When you add this (1) thing to your outbound emails, you can instantly trigger a "spider web effect".
  • Why you don't need to spend $297 on the Press 1 Cash program. Hint... you already have it!
  • Basic review of terminology used... sms + rvm + Lcp + clicks + opt-in, etc..
  • Your smart phone will now become your "Mobile Marketing Command Center".
  • Conversations are (MONEY)... the more convos, the more (MONEY) you'll make!
  • Wha'ts the fundamental purpose behind a story page?
  • The (ONLY) objective to your SMS campaign is to capture the _______.
  • Grab a $10 domain name and make it simple, clear and direct
  • Buyers List... The cliche states "the money's in the list" , but there's more money in this list!
  • Back End Commissions... $20 payments are fun, but the real money is what comes after the fact.
  • Big Dogs... Don't get freaked out if some hot shot racks up 40 sales over-night... stay consistent!
  • How To Get Leads In As Little As 1 Minute A Day Using Strategic SMS Seduction

I could go on and on and on, but I think you get idea. The Vault is a mammoth pile of money getting information!


Get An Exclusive Copy Of Our 1 Page SMS Mind Map + Bonus SMS List Building Training...

BONUS #4: 250 "Starter" Credit Pack

We'll automatically supply your new SMS PHONE LEADS account with 250 starter credits, so you can start to enjoy your new account, immediately, upon login!

In Summary, You're Getting Everything You See Below, For Only $20 One Time!

List Building System #1:

List Building System #2:

Phone Funnel System #1:

Phone Funnel System #2:

BONUS 1: New $20 Sizzle System

BONUS 2: SMS Vault

BONUS 3: SMS Mind Map + Training

BONUS 4: 250 "Starter" Credit Pack

Collective Total Street Value: $11,798.50

Today's License Price:
$20 One Time

To get started, click here

Yes, Count Me In - Take My $20

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After You Order Has Been Successfully Processed, You'll Be Prompted To Set Up Your New Account Via 2 Steps:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the virtual sms phone number (aka, SMS CUSTOM) difficult to set up?

A: No! Not at all. Inside of SMS CUSTOM, everything is laid out, in a step by step 'accordion' format. There's a total of 6 steps altogether. Average set up time from start to finish is about 15-20 minutes. If you need help, we do offer email as well as phone support

Q: Do I need a cell phone to use this platform?

A: No. Your personal cell phone or lack thereof, has nothing to do with SMS PHONE LEADS.

Q: I heard that you need credits? Can you explain that further?

A: Yes, absolutely! Every mobile marketing platform that incorporates SMS (text messaging) uses 'credits'. It's a fee incurred from the mobile carriers.

Think of credits as "FUEL", i.e., the gas in your car. With gas, your car runs. Without gas, your car doesn't run. Same concept applies here.

Now, before you go off thinking this is a bad thing, understand something. It's perfectly normal to have to pay a small amount of money to use other peoples networks / platforms. Think of toll roads, for example. You pay a couple of dollars to be able to drive 80 MPH on an unobstructed highway.

It's no different here. You pay a penny or less to be able to leverage a highly effective Phone Funnel that brings you back leads and sales. When done correctly, the credit cost is barely a blimp on the financial radar.

Q: But why am I required to pay for credits?

A: The mobile carriers such as At&T, TMobile, Sprint, etc.. control the networks, the cell towers, etc.. Therefore they charge users (folks like you and I) a small fee to be able to broadcast via their network.

Q: Is SMS Phone Leads available to users (OUTSIDE) the U.S.?

A: Yes, we have many international friends using and leveraging the SMS Phone Lead platform.

Q: Can I purchase additional sms phone numbers?

A: Yes, you can. They are $3/mo per number. Each number is independent of one another and therefore, can be set up to run a different campaign.

Q: Is there an affiliate program for SMS Phone Leads?

A: Yes! You get 100% of the ($20) and 51% from the order bump @ $17 + 3 upsells! (See above image for Money Flow breakdown).

Q: Do I need any technical skills?

A: You do (NOT) need any technical experience and/or skills. If you can copy-n-paste, then you have what it takes to set up a mobile number in minutes.

Q: Are there any monthly fees?

A: No. The $20 is one time.

Q: I'm not clear as to what a Micro Book is? Can you elaborate?

A: Absolutely! A Micro Book is a digital book that's typically 4-7 pages, primarily focusing on 1-3 main ideas. It's designed to be a quick, inspirational read, just enough to wet their appetite, so to speak. In addition... the Micro Book positions you as the Author / Leader, so this helps elevate the level of connection between you and your prospect, which as you know, is very important in todays buying environment!

Yes, Count Me In - Take My $20

*100% Secure Payment. All orders are passed through a secure network.*

Still Not 100% Convinced This Is For Real?

Listen, I get it.

There are a lot scams and low class programs online, that will happily take your money.

So it's best to make sure that you feel good about buying into SMS PHONE LEADS.

Check out the comments taken from real buyers, folks like yourself, who bought SMS Phone Leads.

SMS PHONE LEADS has changed with the marketplace over the years so some of the videos below may make mention of varying price points and/or offers that were available at that time. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

"Incredibly easy to do..."

"Gaining new leads and sales..."

"That's the power of this..."

"An amazing system... "

"You can use this to promote just about anything..."

"Why is SMS Marketing so effective..."

"Why a bridge page..."

Hint...See Bonus #2 Below For More Details

"Some income proof..."

"I'm loven it..."

Yes, Count Me In - Take My $20

*100% Secure Payment. All orders are passed through a secure network.*

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